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Greenhouse Glasnost book cover

An essay by Robert Ornstein in
Greenhouse Glasnost: The Crisis of Global Warming
Essays Introduced by Robert Redford

Robert Ornstein was one of a group of distinguished US and Soviet leaders invited to speak to the Sundance Symposium on Global Climate Change, convened by Robert Redford’s Institute for Resource Management in 1989, one of the first major efforts to expand awareness of the climate crisis from the experts to the public realm. A summation of his presentation, “Why We Don’t Listen” is included in Greenhouse Glasnost: The Crisis of Global Warming, a collection of essays by conference presenters introduced by Redford and published the following year. In it Ornstein discusses how the very nature of our minds can act as a barrier to recognizing an acting on what is likely the greatest existential threat we face – in part, he says, “because the human mental system is failing to comprehend the modern world.” Read more…

Cover of Montessori Life featuring Robert Ornstein

An interview with with Robert Ornstein in
Montessori Life Magazine

As an expert on the relationship between human nature and the problems of the world humans have created, Ornstein was interviewed in 1996 by the late Joy Turner, long-time editor of the award-winning quarterly journal of the American Montessori Society. In this interview, he responds to questions about technology’s impact on the shaping of tomorrow’s world. Possessing a holistic view of life, he predicts the nature of education and the functions of teachers and schools will be very different in the future. Read more…

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