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“…a book, an experiential treasure, an ancient, jeweled mosaic. God 4.0 is a profoundly practical masterwork of love and selfless service, a required gift and warning to our species – delivered in the nick of time.” — Willa Moore, Will J. Reid Foundation

“An acclaimed and innovative psychologist’s magnum opus.” — Kirkus

God 4.0: On the Nature of Higher Consciousness and the Experience Called “God”


“What is needed, now, is a new view, to reassess and reform the concept of God. It is the experience of going beyond the norm to achieve insight as to how life events are connected on a “higher” level. We now have an idea of how the process happens in the brain and, importantly, how to develop this innate potential in today’s world. This knowledge could be the first small step toward finding the common ground for us to stand on to work toward a new spiritual literacy.”

Robert Ornstein

“recommended for psychology and spirituality collections … considers the intersection between the two as it probes different notions of ‘God’ and higher consciousness.” — MidWest Book Review

“…the capstone to Robert Ornstein’s brilliant, ground-breaking half century of research into the dimensions, capacities, and purposes of human consciousness.” —Tony Hiss

“This landmark book shines new light on things we thought we understood.”Charles Swencionis

The Psychology of Conscious Evolution Trilogy

When first published, Robert Ornstein’s classics, The Psychology of Consciousness and The Evolution of Consciousness, introduced the two modes of consciousness of the left and right brain hemispheres and a critical understanding of how the brain evolved. Ornstein considered these, along with his latest book, God 4.0: On the Nature of Higher Consciousness and the Experience Called “God,” his most important writings. The three books together provide a fundamental reconsideration of ancient religious and spiritual traditions in the light of advances in brain science and psychology, exploring the potential and relevance of this knowledge to contemporary needs and to our shared future. Read more…

Robert Ornstein, an award-winning psychologist and pioneering brain researcher, authored more than 20 books on the nature of the human mind and brain and their relationship to thought, health, and individual and social consciousness. His books have sold over six million copies worldwide, have been translated into dozens of languages and used in more than 20,000 university classes. Read more about Robert Ornstein.

“There will be no further evolution without conscious evolution.”

Robert Ornstein, The Evolution of Consciousness

“The great surprise of human evolution may be that the highest form of selfishness is selflessness.”

Robert Ornstein, Healthy Pleasures
Robert Ornstein on Thinking Allowed II - The Evolution of ConsciousnessRobert Ornstein on Thinking Allowed II – The Evolution of Consciousness

The Evolution of Human Consciousness
Thinking Aloud: A conversation with Robert Ornstein
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