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Robert Ornstein Psychologist Robert Ornstein's wide-ranging and multidisciplinary work has won him awards from more than a dozen organizations, including the American Psychological Association and UNESCO. His pioneering research on the bilateral specialization of the brain has done much to advance our understanding of how we think.

He received his bachelor's degree in psychology from City University of New York in 1964 and his Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University in 1968. His doctoral thesis won the American Institutes for Research Creative Talent Award and was published immediately as a book, On the Experience of Time.

Since then he has written or co-written more than twenty other books on the nature of the human mind and brain and their relationship to thought, health and individual and social consciousness, which have sold over six million copies and been translated into a dozen other languages. His textbooks have been used in more than 20,000 university classes.

Dr. Ornstein has taught at the University of California Medical Center and Stanford University, and he has lectured at more than 200 colleges and universities in the U.S. and overseas. He is the president and founder of the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge (ISHK), an educational nonprofit dedicated to bringing important discoveries concerning human nature to the general public.

Among his many honors and awards are the UNESCO award for Best Contribution to Psychology and the American Psychological Foundation Media Award "for increasing the public understanding of psychology."

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A project under the direction of Robert Ornstein with contributions from associates of The Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge.

"The future depends on how we understand who we are, and how the past has made us so: what is unchanging about Human Nature, and what we CAN and MUST change to face a world that is far different from our ancestors'". From the Introduction,

The All About Me is a series of books to help young people understand themselves and how we all, as a human beings, work. This is fundamental information, but we often forget to teach students about it in school. The series provides an all-inclusive program designed to meet the American Psychological Association's National Standards for Psychology at the high school level, the standards established for the College Board AP Psychology course, and the National Board Standards for Science/Adolescent and Young Adulthood. Focused on the mind, each text provides a set of lessons and various activities that teach sophisticated brain research in an accessible and interesting way. Edited by Robert Ornstein and Denise Nessel, with a Foreword by Robert Ornstein.

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